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KOVAS’ new song “User” premiered on buy modafinil cheap. The song comes from KOVAS’ much anticipated album “Hollywood” The short film music motion picture for the title track, “Hollywood”, drops Sept 9th at Midnight ET. It was written and directed by KOVAS. Fans will be able to preorder the album from buy modafinil credit card and receive their copy before it reaches other digital outlets.

Cruise over to buy modafinil cheap online right now to stream the song. buy modafinil cheap uk

Watch the trailer for KOVAS “Hollywood” Music Motion Picture

By: Marty McFly

Now hold your horses before the rumor mill starts up and the kids at TMZ start losing it. This is a story about recording artist/ producer KOVAS pulling a “buy modafinil china(prolific film composer. He’s done everything) and scoring the opening sequence for Taylor Swift’s mega hit video “I Knew You were Trouble”

“It was a honor and really fun to step out and show another skill set”, said KOVAS. “Most people know me as a rapper or a producer/ remixer. I’m usually making something with crazy 808 kiks and stuff to shake to in the clubs, but this was a chance to show what I could do with an orchestral score.”

KOVAS wrote and composed the dreamy minimal score for the opening 2 minutes and 30 secs of the Anthony Mandler directed video. “It was important to have something that complimented the beautiful images that Anthony shot. He (Mandler) loved what I did and when Taylor (Swift) chimed in with her approval it was great feeling. Then to see the reception the video got world wide was the icing on the cake.”

And the reception world wide has been great to say the least. The video has over 173 million views and garnered Anthony and Taylor a MTV Video Music Awards.

KOVAS has definitely been turning heads with his impressive musical resume. We expect nothing but more big things from him in the future. This year, KOVAS also had the pleasure of having one of his songs “Up In Here” appear in the Oscar nominated Tom Hanks film “Captain Phillips”. You can purchase KOVAS’ complete catalog on buy modafinil chemist warehouse or in buy modafinil com where a portion of the proceeds benefit Arts In Schools programs

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KOVAS scores opening sequence of Taylor Swift’s I knew You Were Trouble

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