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Check out sneak preview of Rooster Teeth Entertainment System. Not only does KOVAS appear in one of the episodes, he did the theme song for the show.

Rooster Teeth’s brand new comedy series Rooster Teeth Entertainment System (RT-ES) starring Colton Dunn (LAZER Team, Superstore, Key and Peele). The show is set to premiere this Sunday, September 27 on both RoosterTeeth.com and the Rooster Teeth mobile app, and will only be available to those who sponsor the show–which comprises of people who pay for a monthly subscription.


Rooster Teeth Entertainment System

What does Comedy Central, Colton Dunn, Nicole Byer, Lamorne Morris from New Girl, Issac “Zeke” Nicholson, Warren G & KOVAS  all have in common?

They are all a part of Comedy Central hilarious video & song “Summer Cold” The video stars Colton Dunn, (writer Key & Peele) how is hit with a summer cold when his friends are trying to get him to come out to a summer party.

The video also features Nicole Byer (MTV’s Girl Code), Lamorne Morris (tv show New Girl) & Warren G.

The music was composed and produced by KOVAS.  You can’t help but head nod & laugh at the same time.

It’s always a party if Warren G is there.

Watch now!


– Team KOVAS

Comedy Central – Summer Cold Music Video (Prod. KOVAS)

For Your Consideration: Ify Nwadiwe – Hollywood

Ify Best Supporting ActorWith Award season quickly approaching, we figured it was time to throw KOVAS’ Hollywood music motion picture into the ring.

Sure it’s not eligible, sure it’s a music video for KOVAS’ album, sure it’s not officially sanction by the MPAA, but does that mean academy members can’t write it in on their voting ballots for consideration? (Technically, we don’t know). Let’s shake up the system!

My friends, for your consideration, Best Supporting Actor in a music motion picture, Ify Nwadiwe. (By the way, this is a comedy bit. IAmKOVAS.com staff is not responsible for you being kicked out the voting Academy for writing in these choices. Our name is Bennet, and we ain’t in it) – Andrea


Watch the full length 15 minute music motion picture “Hollywood” written & directed by KOVAS & catch Ify’s entire performance.

KOVAS – Hollywood (clean)

KOVAS – Hollywood (Dirty version)

Listen to the KOVAS – Hollywood album on Spotify


Buy the KOVAS – Hollywood album on iTunes


movieposter instagram for your

KOVAS Calls Out Love & Hip Hop & Shmurda Dances During Ice Bucket Challenge

KOVAS Ice Bucket Youtube1

Recording artist Billy Crawford nominated KOVAS for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while on TV in the Philippines. KOVAS & Billy are great friends and originally met in Paris when KOVAS produced 4 records on Billy Crawford’s “Big City” album including the single “Steamy Nights”

KOVAS does a funny take on the Ice Bucket Challenge bringing his security guard Stevie along for the fun. Some bad words so proceed with caution if easily offended.

KOVAS Ice Bucket Challenge Part 1: Calling out the Cast of Love & Hip Hop and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

KOVAS Ice Bucket Challenge Part 2: Shmurda Dance with the Ice Bucket

KOVAS Ice Bucket Shmurda Dance Gif

KOVAS Shmurda Dances while doing the Ice Bucket Challenge on Make A Gif

Real G’s Shmurda Dance while doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Ha

The Ice Bucket Challenge was started to raise awareness and funds for ALS also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. To learn more and to make a donation go to http://mda.org/disease/amyotrophic-lateral-sclerosis & hopefully we can wipe out this disease.


Billy Crawford “Steamy Nights” Produced By KOVAS