Say What – Lyrics

Say What

K.Myvette / Infinite Rhythm Inc. ASCAP

Say What, Say What Say What;
I got my lean and you know whatʼs up.
Got what you need so you know you canʼt front. Player please I know what they want

Verse 1:
Stroll in in my tweed Nikes; Superstar under these lights; Hulk Hogan
Aww man, you he so nice. Itʼs like a video highlight; Slow motion.
Ch- Ching I never go. You let your folks gas you up, so I call you Amoco
Partner, itʼs time to get up. All them girls on the dancefloor. You should be on it too.
Oh umm Iʼm find someone. Oh girl come on, they playing my song.
Footwork, let me see your foot work. Jerk it, work it, donʼt it sound perfect.
Ohh thereʼs a party over here. Got a table in the back, but the party right here.
Soo, donʼt you want to come near. Baby we ainʼt going to leave itʼs the party of the year.


Verse 2:
It was a Friday night and the place was jumping, and the girls look good with the system pumping. So cats caught a beef and now theyʼre thumping. DJ just bring my beat back. Never mind that. Missed my part so rewind that. Thatʼs better.
Ma, Iʼm a fine catch, one thats oh so clever. They ask me why Iʼm always in the club. Because nice girls is always in the club. Worldwide and California love. No lie, Iʼm hotter than you was. Wish you could be as fly as we. Got you stuck like no ID. Iʼm a problem, itʼs an issue. Your careerʼs over now need a tissue?


There ain;t no stopping me 3x
Aww man, you gonna have to face it. Iʼm flyer than a space cadet.
Iʼm mp3 you 8 track cassette. Iʼll wait if you ainʼt figured it out just yet.
Canʼt you see. I got the cure, I got the remedy. You need more then come see me.
If you want top quality. KOVAS is all you need. My driverʼs outside. wonʼt you come get a ride. Itʼs a stretch you all are fine. Party at my place, donʼt make no other plans. Girl Iʼm inviting you in advance.


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