Ice Cream – Lyrics

Ice Cream

Written by Kovasciar Myvette – Infinite Rhythm Inc. / Downtown Publishing ASCAP

Hola, Kovito!

Chorus: Want to get it popping, we can get it popping. Slobbing on my cone like i’m Baskin Robbins slobbing on my cone like i’m Baskin Robbins 2x

Verse 1:

She gobble gobble. Ms Pacman
I push the wheels. Batman She give me give me. Call it Cat Scan
I’m after bread baby I’m like a tax man.
0-60, gotta push go
mashing on these  like a pinky toe.
Press screaming, “He is someone you should really know” Cause I keep it on lock like a figaro
terror dome
letter from this other
tell me that she love it Hate it when I leave cause she can’t get enough of it. Another trip; Bon Voyage-y
Still spending paper from Mr. Myagi.
Wax on Wax off
You heard it.
Little did you know that was the start of it.
We bounce to Greece, Amalfi coast
Art School Rebellion, you know we do the most.

Verse 2:

I give her double scoop
In a powder blue Bentley coup
til I blew my roof like the coup.
Guzzle it til hiccup
freeze her wrist up
Now I’m in Ibiza,
she know I don’t need her
but if she play her cards right I will pump her like a speaker So high like a tweeter.
Take it back like Skytel beeper.
Gold digging, she can’t get;
I’m Ebenezer –
Scrooge. I’m just rude, but so smooth in the booth
all night.
I get loose like a tooth.
You gonna have red bottoms, but I don’t mean the shoes. I’m always bout my paper like Blues with the clues.
I’m always bout my Bacon like I starred in Footloose