Hollywood – Lyrics


Written by Kovasciar Myvette – Infinite Rhythm Inc./Downtown Publishing ASCAP

This is a KOVAS production. Art School Rebellion.


You drinking good? You smoking good?

My life is like a movie, Hollywood. 3x

Shortie hot? Good

My life is like a movie, Hollywood. 3x


We bottles on the table.

Models on the couch.

We ain’t gonna leave until they kick us all out.

It’s a celebration bitch.

We gonna act out. You know it’s a good night when you pass out.

Verse 1:

I’m like a sheik, I’m like a shake. I’m like a chef with the cheese, bread, dough and the cake.

Like Popeye grabbing the spinach thats all I can take. Swoop in on your girl. Spit game now she ready to skate. Back to my crib. Back to my lab. Serving her, like I was serving them slabs. Hitting the spot like an hour and half. Arching her back. Curled toes. Looking for stuff to grab. I gave her an autograph. Tattooed. Know my name she’s smitten. This here only built for Cuban links. Got a scheme. Pyramid like the Sphinx. Building it up. Breaking it down. No ID but still got soul by the pound. Pitching heat. Like a pitcher thats fresh on the mound. Better plant your feet. This here is going down.



Verse 2:

Hands up. Liquor flowing. Running this Jesse Owens. Your reign on top, short. Gary Coleman. We won’t stop. Sean “Diddy” Combs -in’ Standing on couches. V.I.P. Bottle serving when they serving me. Ring thee alarm. It’s an emergency. Shortie on fire; working me. Rep the 3rd world and the immigrants. Stack the euros and the Benjamin’s. Bout to bring 4 girls to my tenement. Eat ‘em like churros with the cinnamon. Flip they over like a fraction. Was always good at math and attraction. Clothes coming off that’s subtraction. Hit your mark girl. Lights, Camera, Action.