Deed It Main – Lyrics

Deed It Main

K.Myvette – Infinite Rhythm Inc. / ASCAP –


I hope you ready for this baby. Alright lets get on it. This is what Iʼm talking ʻbout.

Verse 1:

Bump all you schmoes; I been getting dough. These stuck on stupid I suppose. I cut the clothes in the closet of your dreams. Pimpness, Messing up your whole self esteem. New cat but I move just like a veteran. Name your favorite rapper, betcha Iʼm much way better than him. Iʼm on my 3 World. Snatch up your girl. I keep it wetter than wet. Jheri Curl. Cʼest si bon. She love to get it on. Every time I see I cut like coupons. Yea, KOVAS is a beast. Do the rap and the track. Triple double no assist. Peace. Whether Iʼm in H- town with Bun or Paris with Mos Def gotta keep it fresh. Wax On Wax Off. “Yo, I heard that in Madden.” Yea it sold 5 mil, so I figured I keep rapping. She twitter me “OMG Vasci, seems to me Ghetto Beat is the new R.O.C.” Yea itʼs similar to the letter, Iʼm like Jay, Dames & Biggs put all together. And Iʼm start handing chains out and have every girl in the world scream my name out. Went from the unpaved road to the jet set. From the block, to the blog, to the headset. Iʼm versatile dog. I seem to do it all. Produce a pop hit but still keep it raw. Hand up, survived it all. And got goons from here to Guatemala if I have to call. My trigger man trigger happy so get at me, if you want to be the next picked, like itʼs nappy. still a 4 -5 banger in the shoebox. so donʼt have me get the Juice like Iʼm Tupac


I Did It Man, Iʼm the best Man. Ladies and Gentleman you are in for a treat.
Ok this is what it look like. I did it man, Iʼm the best man. Itʼs gonna be some furniture moving and some fist fighting.

Verse 2:

I stay around the corner from where Big grew up, so its a must when I do this, I turns it up. Hello Brooklyn. How you doing? Ainʼt sleep til, but these girls pursuing. So I say Beastie just like them Boys. Came to make em panic, give them static, white noise. I dreamed about this when I was eating veggie patties on Flatbush, back when the President was Bush. Thinking of a master plan. Understand? Twisting up the hashish. Afghanistan. Big Business, Iʼll be the man. With a room full of statues to show you how nice I am. Word to Phife Dawg, yeah that right dog. Remember the show in Colorado when we tore it off? Itʼs like I planned it all. Still Native with the Tounge but now Iʼm really about to ball.


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