KOVAS was enlisted to produced a track for the Not Safe with Nikki Glaser show on Comedy Central. The idea was, could you actually make a hit R&B song with embarrassing sex stories? Especially when all R&B songs are about having amazing sex. Challenge accepted.

With none other than hit R&B singer Omarion, “Like They Do” was born.

Check out the video above. Directed by Isaac Feder.

KOVAS also co-wrote the lyrics with Nikki and her writing staff including Jared Moskowitz, Dan St. Germain, Tim Convy & Bob Castrone.

Supervising producers for the show and shoot Jeff Tully.

Field producers Chyna Dumas, Jorge Estrada

Like They Do – Omarion feat Nikki Glaser

Producer: KOVAS All instruments & programming: KOVAS

Song recording and mix engineer: KOVAS

KOVAS & Nikki Glaser Hitting that Dab photo NikkiKovas 2.gifck.

Omarion, KOVAS & Staff On The shoot

Omarion, KOVAS & Not Safe Staff wrap the video shoot