KOVAS on This is 50

KOVAS rapper / producer drops his Student To The Game mixtape. KOVAS has produced and remixed for De La Soul, Usher, Chris Brown, M.I.A just to name a few. As a rapper his music has been featured on Madden NFL, Glee, Hostel 3 and Workaholics just to name a few. His last mixtape Kanye West featured on his blog. His epic new mixtape features Donnis, Chingo Bling, Spree Wilson, Smooth B from Nice and Smooth, Andy Milonakis, Amber Ojeda and more KOVASmusic.com Media@ArtSchoolRebellion.com


/ KOVAS -Student To The Game … / by KOVAS / 1. First Bell / 2. Sit Down Pon It f Empire Isis (Prod. KOVAS) / 3. Ice Cream (Prod. KOVAS and Mic The Drums) / 4. Hollywood (Prod. KOVAS) / 5. No Matter f Spree Wilson, Sam James and Silya (Prod. KOVAS) / 6. Million f Donnis and Lindsey Ray (Prod. KOVAS) / 7. The Check In f Allan Mcleod, Cornell Reid, Chingo Bling, Mindy Robinson, Andy Milonakis and Donnis (Pr / 8. Deed It Main (Prod. KOVAS) / 9. Bring Me Back 2 U f Amber Ojeda (Prod. KOVAS) / 10. Hip Hop Junkies ’13 f Smooth B from Nice and Smooth(Prod. KOVAS) / 11. Park N Rec f Randall Park (Prod. KOVAS) / 12. The Dopest (Prod. KOVAS and Mic The Drums) / 13. Tomorrow Is Over f Heavy Young Heathens (Prod. KOVAS) / 14. The Aggressive Soundcheck w Avital Ash (Prod. KOVAS) / 15. Hot Girls f Chingo Bling (Prod. KOVAS) / 16. Oh Yea Po Johnson f KOVAS (Prod. KOVAS) / 17. Nardwuar Interlude / 18. Hello Bright Lights f Lindsey Ray (Prod. KOVAS) / 19. The Stick Up f Andy Milonakis (Prod. KOVAS) / 20. Battleship Grey – The Crown Weighs Heavy (Prod. KOVAS) / 21. On A Saturday f Y.O aka Jimi84 (Prod. KOVAS) / 22. The Check In 2 f Jade Catta-Preta and James Tillery (Prod. KOVAS) / 23. Glass Half Empty f Mackenzie Horras (Prod. Wonda Show aka Ben Romans and KOVAS) / 24. The Last Bell f Rell Battle and Angie Vee

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(Via This Is 50)