photos by: Kenneth Grzymala

Name: Kovasciar Myvette p/ka KOVAS a/k/a Kovito Artist, Producer, DJ, Blogger, Trendsetter

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

College (if applicable): Columbia, UCB Improv Theater

Current Employer/ Recent Clients: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Disney, MTV, Sony Pictures, EA Sports, 22 Jump Street, Captain Phillips, Young Jeezy

What’s your favorite project you worked on and why? When I had my song Wax On Wax Off featured on the Madden NFL 09 game that was pretty cool. I grew up playing that game and I never in a million years thought that my music would be a part of it. It was really cool. See mom, all those years of playing video games paid off, haha.

What are you doing when you’re not working? It seems like I’m always working. If I’m not working on music for my project, producing another artist or Djing, I’m working on my music label and publishing company Art School Rebellion. But I love what I do so it’s great.

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis? I’m always excited about creating something new and contributing to the art collective. In other words, “putting some paint where it ain’t.”

What do you think is a main factor that got you where you are today? My ability to not take no for an answer. The magic combination of God given talent, faith and a good work ethic.

What do you have coming up for the future? I’m working on my new mixtape/ album “In Kovito We Trust”, new music coming out I produced for SoShy, Tennile, Mr. Vegas, Red Cafe, Empire Isis and others. Check my blog for the hottest fashion, music and gadgets.

What would you tell a friend visiting your city for the first time? Sleep as much as you can before you come because we will be partying all nite.

Any words of wisdom? If you pursue your passion, no matter how hard you work, it wont seem much like work if its what you love.

(Via – Good Thing You’re Here)

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