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Jenny Kita, dancer & choreographer, (Madonna, Snoop Dog) creates two dance pieces set to KOVAS’  “Tunnel Vision” & “The Answers” in 7 episode web series. Watch now

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Accomplished choreographer and dancer Jenny Kita put together two dance pieces set to KOVAS’ songs Tunnel Vision and The Answers, which come from his new album “And The Love Disrupt”. The whole process was document for a 7 episode mini webseries. Jenny, discusses what the project means to her and the internal struggles with the process. You can watch the full series above.

JENNY: I’m Jenny Kita. I am a dancer and choreography. I’ve danced for Gwen Stefani as one of her Harajuku Girls, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, PSY “Gangnam Style”, Shakira… dang, a lot. A lot of different ones. How did I hear “The Love Disrupt”? Kovas came over one day and he played it for me, and right away I loved it. Every single song that he played, I was digging. I mean, I loved all the songs because of the beat and the meaning behind it. Everything just resonated with me, and I found that really inspiring.

The dancers? We’ve got girls. Peppa – I call her Peppa because she used to be Bgirl Peppa, but her real name is Peipei. She’s amazing. And Sara VonGillern, she’s also really amazing. And then we’ve got Patch, my little bro Patrick, and I’ve known him for a while now. We used to train with the legendary Shabba Doo. Then we’ve got Koya, who’s from Okinawa, and he’s the sweetest guy, most passionate about dance. Just really endearing.

I kind of feel like the dancers in this project were like “The Love Disrupt” warriors. We’re here to spread this energy of love and positivity.

I love the hats. I’ve been rocking it since before this project even came up, and I got compliments on it. But yeah, I’m really happy to be a part of this project because the message behind it is something that I can relate to and I support, and I want to spread that message to everybody. Just everything resonates with me. Love it, love it.

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I would love to see other people try to learn this dance and do it and post videos and do whatever they want. Or they can make up their own if they wish. But yeah, it would be great to start a whole “Love Disrupt” movement and have dancers or people that want to just move and dance to try it out and do their own. Make your own video.

Honestly, I just listen to the song, and whatever vibe I’m feeling, I just go with that for the choreography. All of it is just really positive and motivating words. Choreographing, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I felt like I was battling in my head sometimes, like I was always making up some of the dance moves. But I think any artist goes through that, goes through creativity blocks and maybe they’re in their head too much or thinking too much.

For “Tunnel Vision,” the moves and the choreography kind of translated literally, like tunnel vision. We created a tunnel, or we created this image, having tunnel vision and trying to keep your eyes on the prize and keep moving forward and going towards your goal.

INTERVIEWER: Is there a particular line in that song that really resonated with you or hit you or struck a chord with you?

JENNY: Just all of it. [laughs] All of it is just really positive and motivating words, like “pressure don’t rule me.” And I put a lot of pressure on myself, so that was a good mantra. Kind of cool to hear those words in the song as I was trying to choreograph, because it reminded me “It’s all good. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.” I love all the words in there too.


Directed & Edited by: KOVAS

1AD & 2nd Camera: David Haverty

Love Disrupt Dancers:
Sara @iloveewoks
Peppa @bgirlpeppa
Jenny @jenny_kita
Patrick @Siktrik
Koya @koyauehara
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