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KOVAS – Good Thing You’re Here







photos by: Kenneth Grzymala

Name: Kovasciar Myvette p/ka KOVAS a/k/a Kovito Artist, Producer, DJ, Blogger, Trendsetter

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

College (if applicable): Columbia, UCB Improv Theater

Current Employer/ Recent Clients: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Disney, MTV, Sony Pictures, EA Sports, 22 Jump Street, Captain Phillips, Young Jeezy

What’s your favorite project you worked on and why? When I had my song Wax On Wax Off featured on the Madden NFL 09 game that was pretty cool. I grew up playing that game and I never in a million years thought that my music would be a part of it. It was really cool. See mom, all those years of playing video games paid off, haha.

What are you doing when you’re not working? It seems like I’m always working. If I’m not working on music for my project, producing another artist or Djing, I’m working on my music label and publishing company Art School Rebellion. But I love what I do so it’s great.

What keeps you motivated on a daily basis? I’m always excited about creating something new and contributing to the art collective. In other words, “putting some paint where it ain’t.”

What do you think is a main factor that got you where you are today? My ability to not take no for an answer. The magic combination of God given talent, faith and a good work ethic.

What do you have coming up for the future? I’m working on my new mixtape/ album “In Kovito We Trust”, new music coming out I produced for SoShy, Tennile, Mr. Vegas, Red Cafe, Empire Isis and others. Check my blog for the hottest fashion, music and gadgets.

What would you tell a friend visiting your city for the first time? Sleep as much as you can before you come because we will be partying all nite.

Any words of wisdom? If you pursue your passion, no matter how hard you work, it wont seem much like work if its what you love.

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twitter:  Kovas


KOVAS – Hot Girls from the motion Picture “22 Jump Street”

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KOVAS – Wax On Wax Off

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M.I.A. f KOVAS – Hit That

Download KOVAS free “Stimulus Package Mixtape”







KOVAS on This is 50

KOVAS on This is 50

KOVAS rapper / producer drops his Student To The Game mixtape. KOVAS has produced and remixed for De La Soul, Usher, Chris Brown, M.I.A just to name a few. As a rapper his music has been featured on Madden NFL, Glee, Hostel 3 and Workaholics just to name a few. His last mixtape Kanye West featured on his blog. His epic new mixtape features Donnis, Chingo Bling, Spree Wilson, Smooth B from Nice and Smooth, Andy Milonakis, Amber Ojeda and more


/ KOVAS -Student To The Game … / by KOVAS / 1. First Bell / 2. Sit Down Pon It f Empire Isis (Prod. KOVAS) / 3. Ice Cream (Prod. KOVAS and Mic The Drums) / 4. Hollywood (Prod. KOVAS) / 5. No Matter f Spree Wilson, Sam James and Silya (Prod. KOVAS) / 6. Million f Donnis and Lindsey Ray (Prod. KOVAS) / 7. The Check In f Allan Mcleod, Cornell Reid, Chingo Bling, Mindy Robinson, Andy Milonakis and Donnis (Pr / 8. Deed It Main (Prod. KOVAS) / 9. Bring Me Back 2 U f Amber Ojeda (Prod. KOVAS) / 10. Hip Hop Junkies ’13 f Smooth B from Nice and Smooth(Prod. KOVAS) / 11. Park N Rec f Randall Park (Prod. KOVAS) / 12. The Dopest (Prod. KOVAS and Mic The Drums) / 13. Tomorrow Is Over f Heavy Young Heathens (Prod. KOVAS) / 14. The Aggressive Soundcheck w Avital Ash (Prod. KOVAS) / 15. Hot Girls f Chingo Bling (Prod. KOVAS) / 16. Oh Yea Po Johnson f KOVAS (Prod. KOVAS) / 17. Nardwuar Interlude / 18. Hello Bright Lights f Lindsey Ray (Prod. KOVAS) / 19. The Stick Up f Andy Milonakis (Prod. KOVAS) / 20. Battleship Grey – The Crown Weighs Heavy (Prod. KOVAS) / 21. On A Saturday f Y.O aka Jimi84 (Prod. KOVAS) / 22. The Check In 2 f Jade Catta-Preta and James Tillery (Prod. KOVAS) / 23. Glass Half Empty f Mackenzie Horras (Prod. Wonda Show aka Ben Romans and KOVAS) / 24. The Last Bell f Rell Battle and Angie Vee

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KOVAS – Hot Girls (To The Floor) maxi-single

Hot girl art work

KOVAS drops the maxi – single “Hot Girls” from his upcoming album “Hollywood”. The song also appears in the motion picture “22 Jump Street” starring Johan Hill, Channing Tatum & Ice Cube.  Buy the maxi-single direct from KOVAS or on iTunes. The maxi-single release includes the explicit, clean and instrumental versions of the song. If you buy direct from KOVAS, It also includes additional art work and free gifts not available anywhere else or with any other digital retailer.

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22 movie poster

Check out a snippet of “Hot Girls”



Get your copy today from KOVAS Direct.

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Be First. Lead Never Follow. KOVAS Direct. 

Portion of the sales from KOVAS Direct go to Art in Schools charities.

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VibeMagazine: KOVAS “Ice Cream”



(Via Vibe magazine)

He’s been here before but never like this, rapper/producer Kovas (@Kovas on twitter) has a cool theme on his return to the scene with his single “Ice Cream”. The bassy blast is a hit of a record but the video captures the wildness that is Kovas’ life…yes, it’s really like that. The clip finds Kovas in some tight spots with some tighter women. Have fun watching and download his new mixtape titled Student To The Game (featuring Donnis, Spree Wilson, Smooth B, Andy Milonakis & Po Johnson) at

PS: Check out the dude from that kissy face Super Bowl commercial…he’s in the “Ice Cream” vid, lucky mug.

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That time Kanye posted my song on his blog



A feeling of euphoria rushed over me. It was the same feeling I had felt when I first heard my song played on the radio for the first time, or when I heard the song I produced in my bedroom blared out the speakers in a sold-out stadium in Paris and seeing all the people bounce in unison.

It’s intoxicating and addictive. Fame, in it’s extremes, has been known to crumble many a human. If one develops an insatiable thirst for validation and recognition, it can lead to a life of heartbreak and emptiness. So I tread carefully. Trying not to let the ego swell too much. God knows I’ve met some who have accomplished way less but have an ego the size of Goodyear blimps. hahaha.

I was once told, there’s a difference between confidence and cockiness. One is like an alluring fragrance that tickles the nose and stays embedded in the brain long after the scent has left and the other is a cheap $5 knock off that induces coughing and gagging in close quarters. One comes from having a strong self belief and drive and the other comes from deep seated insecurity and neediness. So I always try to shoot for the former, than the latter.

Sometimes I do feel I don’t toot my own horn enough……. I’m a let you finish, but your boy KOVAS has done a lot of shit! hahaha. What I’m most proud of is that I built this with the help of my fans and supporters of my music. No big corporation, no crazy connected publicist & management team. Ma, look how far we’ve come, super indie, super D.I.Y. My music has been in Oscar nominated films (Captain Phillips) and I scored music for MTV VMA winning music videos(Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble”).

If any of this can help inspire you, I hope it gives you the courage to go after your dreams no matter the odds. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Step by step, brick by brick. Those that have witnessed and supported me on this journey from the beginning, I thank you and know we are just getting started. For those just getting into my music, good to meet you and we got a lot of catching up to do! Join The Rebellion, there’s no boundaries, there’s no limits. – KOVAS aka Kovito