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Check out sneak preview of Rooster Teeth Entertainment System. Not only does KOVAS appear in one of the episodes, he did the theme song for the show.

Rooster Teeth’s brand new comedy series Rooster Teeth Entertainment System (RT-ES) starring Colton Dunn (LAZER Team, Superstore, Key and Peele). The show is set to premiere this Sunday, September 27 on both and the Rooster Teeth mobile app, and will only be available to those who sponsor the show–which comprises of people who pay for a monthly subscription.


Rooster Teeth Entertainment System

What does Comedy Central, Colton Dunn, Nicole Byer, Lamorne Morris from New Girl, Issac “Zeke” Nicholson, Warren G & KOVAS  all have in common?

They are all a part of Comedy Central hilarious video & song “Summer Cold” The video stars Colton Dunn, (writer Key & Peele) how is hit with a summer cold when his friends are trying to get him to come out to a summer party.

The video also features Nicole Byer (MTV’s Girl Code), Lamorne Morris (tv show New Girl) & Warren G.

The music was composed and produced by KOVAS.  You can’t help but head nod & laugh at the same time.

It’s always a party if Warren G is there.

Watch now!


– Team KOVAS

Comedy Central – Summer Cold Music Video (Prod. KOVAS)

KOVAS – Hot Girls (To The Floor) maxi-single

Hot girl art work

KOVAS drops the maxi – single “Hot Girls” from his upcoming album “Hollywood”. The song also appears in the motion picture “22 Jump Street” starring Johan Hill, Channing Tatum & Ice Cube.  Buy the maxi-single direct from KOVAS or on iTunes. The maxi-single release includes the explicit, clean and instrumental versions of the song. If you buy direct from KOVAS, It also includes additional art work and free gifts not available anywhere else or with any other digital retailer.

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22 movie poster

Check out a snippet of “Hot Girls”



Get your copy today from KOVAS Direct.

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